The Process

The Process

Providing a path to recovery

The process begins with a phone call to our offices from someone (an inmate or other) who is seeking help with their substance abuse or a family member of someone who needs assistance.  Newport Health Services then gathers information from the candidate regarding their challenges. In cases where the individual is an inmate, we request the inmate’s charges, court appearances, & assess their willingness to work with a structured in-home program.

We then review the candidate’s current situation with our contacts at local rehabilitation facilities to determine availability, timing, costs and fit.

As these are private rehabilitation facilities, it is imperative that the candidate has proper insurance coverage and financial means to pay for treatment.  If the candidate is uninsured we have preferred relationships with local insurance carriers and will provide assistance to help the candidate gain coverage.

If the candidate is incarcerated, the final step of the process begins when Newport Health Services works with the court to affect the inmate’s release and transportation to rehab.

Our services are turnkey and comprehensive.  There are no charges to the candidate or his/her family.